Trump’s Most Important Legacy was Losing

Trump brought factories and jobs back to America. Lowest Nigger and beaner unemployment level in history. The President who didn’t start any wars since whenever. The embodiment of the American spirit….He wanted to be the best, he didn’t let anything stand on his way, he was laughed and mocked as a buffoon and reminded me of General Patton for some reason. He exposed China for the dangerous and predatory nation it really is. He managed to expose the media to the populis and to the world for the smear merchants they really are. The peace treaties and formidable foreign policy in contrast with the last leaders.

All of that in a constant and ferocious waves of all sorts of dirty and disgusting attacks, I don’t believe it would be acceptable in my shithole country.

I’m going to disregard the negative aspects of his term, because that’s common knowledge between wignats. Except the betray of White America that has to be noted.

That’s not why I find him in such high regard. I’m not American. Although I lived in Idaho for a year in an exchange program and have a place in my heart for the nation.

Trump most important deed was losing the election. If you haven’t been hit with the depression of knowing that you will NEVER and have NEVER had any relevance in world, just wait some days and it will hit you. All the memes of no political solution, day of the rope, seen infantile and gets me even more depressed. It’s just what Ted Kaczynski wrote about in the System’s Neatest Trick. Anarchy is the only way to get an society where your opinion matter but the risk of becoming hell or get co-opt by another elite and we do this all over is way too high.

He’s important to the few who can realize that. He’s Tyler Durden who doesn’t have an answer. Who just let’s you know your a slave and rolls the credit.

There’s nothing you can do. Most of you are mediocre socially awkward betas who are in a phase and most likely will be a loser for life.We’re all lemmings walking to our mediocre death.

But I’m the sort of imbecile who prefers sacrifice and gets even more capable of doing whatever it takes each time hope gets taken for me. Every punch gets me more bloodthirsty. Each fall gets me more focused and furious. The kid plays are over.